Felix DzSlimdz Amieva, born in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta in 1973. One of Spainǯs leading blues musicians, Felix Slim specializes in blues, ragtime and swing from the 1920ǯs to 1940ǯs. Influenced by the Delta, Piedmont, Texas, Jump and Chicago sound, Slim uses slide guitar, fingerpicking and standard and open tunings. He's played his dynamic versions of blues classics and original songs with echoes of flamenco, rebetiko and jazz manouche on 5 albums and has toured in 8 countries worldwide. Expertly playing and swapping between the harmonica and kazoo, Slimǯs unique singing voice complements these instruments, creating a fresh and distinctive yet true vintage sound. He has collaborated with artists as diverse backgrounds and Mingo Balaguer, Raimundo Amador, Bob Margolin, Antonio Serrano, Bobby Radcliff, Tony Coleman, John Toro Richardson, Michael Herman and more.