Peppe Voltarelli is a singer, composer, and actor born and raised in Calabria. First known in Italy since the early 90s as leader of “Il parto delle nuvole pesanti”, a band whose music mainly consisted in a mixture of rock and traditional Calabrian folk rhythms. Twice recognized with the prestigious Italian “Tenco” music award, he is considered an “emigrant singer” for his continuous travelling in search of new music and rhythms to be inspired by. Peppe has worked and collaborated with with film director Giuseppe Gagliardi, for the film “Tatanka” which was adapted from the novel by Roberto Saviano (Gomorra). New York filmgoers have already had the opportunity to see Peppe Voltarelli in a leading role in Gagliardi’s 2006 mockumentary feature “La Vera Leggenda di Tony Villar” (The Real Legend of Tony Villar), which showed in official selection at the 2007 TriBeCa Film Festival. The semi-biographical plot follows the path of a contemporary Italian singer (Voltarelli), on the trail of a crooner from his Calabrian village (Villar), who found fame and fortune in 1960s Argentina and eventually disappeared into anonymity in the Bronx’s Italian community along Arthur Avenue. Voltarelli and Gagliardi first collaborated on “Doichlanda” a 2003 documentary about Italian immigration to Germany—their ongoing music and film relationship producing numerous award winning video clips.

Peppe has worked with singers and musicians from every walk of life, such as Sergio Cammariere, Otello Profazio, Roy Paci Teresa De Sio, Claudio Lolli, Carmen Consoli and Bandabardò.