François Wiss' style and sound are always on the move but have been best defined by entrepreneur and music connoisseur Georges Forgeois (Forgeois Group) as "World Music Experiment". Imagine flamenco technique, Latin rhythms, North-African scales and modes, a big sound, and a good dose of rock and roll attitude. Improvisation is also a key component of his playing, in order to "keep things fresh" and make every performance unique.
Born in Paris, he studied piano at the conservatory early on, but quickly chose the guitar as his main instrument. He attended the C.I.M., one of Paris' finest Jazz school where he studied harmony, composition and arrangement under supervision of renowned jazz guitarists Pierre Cullaz and Marc Benguigui. couple years later he met an Algerian guitarist, Belaid Ait Abdallah, who introduced him to Flamenco and Al-Andalus music. This led to numerous travels to Andalucia, to study with maestro Juan Del Gastor, nephew of legendary Diego del Gastor.

Francois Wiss has been a New York City resident since 2004, giving over 3,000 performances in the U.S. and appearing regularly basis at prestigious venues such as B.B. King Blues Club, Cafe Wha, Groove, Bonafide, Jules Bistro, Subrosa, The Rainbow Room, and many more.